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PostedAugust 20th, 2020#Woodworking

For our family, quarantine has been a time filled with the same emotions most other compassionate human beings have had. Like many other families who are so lucky to still have both their jobs and health, we've taken to working on home projects to fill the time. We bought a new house about a year ago in a new city and have been slowly making it our own.

The Zero seal of approval

One of the bigger projects we wanted to undertake was adding a window seat to our office's bay window. I've done one or two small wood working projects in the past (to very little success) but never anything of this magnitude. This seat was to be a 10'x2.5' monster that also contained hidden storage and cubbies along the front. Way over my pay grade, for sure.

I was lucky enough to inherit some great tools over the years, including a bandsaw, drill press, and table saw which absolutely helped me get over some of the harder aspects of this project. I had a lot to learn even with those tools. Even still, things turned out pretty well and I'm really happy with the results. The animals seem to like it and it got the official napping okey-dokey from me earlier today.

I have a couple more projects that I plan on working on now that I have some new found confidence including a RetroPie Bartop Arcade and a nice dog bed. For now, I need to clean my garage for christ's sake...

    James Miller