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PostedFebruary 13th, 2018#Alexa#Echo#Urban Dictionary

Several months ago, Amazon ran a promotion where they would give you a free Echo Dot if you wrote and published (read 'had approved') an Alexa skill. At the time, we were part of a D&D campaign with some friends and, as D&D campaigns are want to do, things often got off the rails. On more than one occasion someone would make a joke about something lewd and one or two of us would run to Urban Dictionary and, as you can probably guess, the game would come to a grinding halt once the definition was read aloud.

So, I thought why not cut out the middle man and add a middle woman named Alexa?

So that's what I did and Amazon didn't like it one bit...

Needless to say, I never got my Echo Dot but now I have this awesome Urban Dictionary skill which, honestly, is cooler than having yet another Echo Dot around the house (Seriously, they're like Tribbles. They're everywhere.).

If you'd like to have your very own bad-mouthed Alexa, I created a Github repository with all of the information and code you'll need.

Fair warning, you will need an Amazon Developer Account. It'll probably ask you for a credit card, but that card is only used if you actually somehow rack up a bill. That really shouldn't happen unless you use this skill A LOT or somehow manage to get Amazon to publish it and it becomes popular. Just a fair warning that you could be charged should it get a lot of use.

Like this, except with Echoes

    James Miller