Alfred Workflows

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One of my favorite apps on OS X has always been Alfred. The number of things you can do with it is crazy and for someone who likes to fiddle with things and streamline cumbersome processes, it really is a godsend.

Over time, I've found some workflows that have been pretty useful and also created some of my own. A lot of them are pretty pointless to share (who wants a workflow to download their kid's daycare pictures? I didn't think so...) but a couple of them are helpful.

I put together a Github repository to store and share them. Right now I only have two in there but I'll add more as I clean some of them up and as others come to me. I've added one that allows you to generate GUIDs on the fly and another that toggles your bluetooth radio.

Generate Guid

It does just what it says on the tin. You can either use a keyword of "guid" which will simply copy a new guid to your clipboard or you can hit the hotkey Cmd+Shift+G and it will copy it to your clipboard and insert it wherever your cursor currently is. I find myself needing unique guids fairly often so this is pretty helpful.

Note: This workflow requires the uuidgen application. I think it was on my machine by default, but let me know if that's not always the case on OS X.

Bluetooth Toggle

This one is also fairly obvious. You can essentially use a keyword of "bt" or Cmd+Shift+B and it will toggle your bluetooth radio. I do this often so using the keyboard is preferable.

Note: This workflow requires the use of the blueutil applicaiton, which can be found here.

James Miller